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3 Breath-taking Mountain Hikes in Nicaragua

Hiking along Volcán Telica's crater rim

Hiking along Volcán Telica’s crater rim. Image credit: Václav Synáček (flickr)

It’s no secret that you’ll find fantastic hiking routes and stunning lookout points throughout Nicaragua’s mountainous landscape. Experience a Nicaragua adventure by doing one or more of these breath-taking hikes up volcano sides. 

Volcán Telica

A 2-3 hour drive away from León lies Telica. This incredible hike takes you up Telica Volcano to the edge of a large crater. Look down and you’ll find lava 1,000 feet below. Look up and you’ll get a panoramic view of surrounding volcanoes across the horizon. Either way, it’s a win-win.

View from Volcán Telica's summit at sunrise

View from Volcán Telica’s summit at sunrise. Image credit: Václav Synáček (flickr)

Volcán Masaya

Masaya is an active volcano located in the first national park in the country. Within an hour’s drive of Granada or Managua, Masaya is a nice warm up hike. Peering into the many craters at the top, you’ll be surprised to see parakeets flying around their nests inside the crater and bats looking for food.

Volcán El Hoyo

After driving about 30-45 minutes from León, you’ll reach this hiking path that leads to the summit of El Hoyo. On the way to the top, the winding trail meanders through two volcanoes, Las Pilas and El Hoyo. Once you reach the summit, a rewarding view of Lake Managua, neighboring volcanoes, and El Hoyo’s crater rim awaits you.

Peering into a crater rim at Volcan Telica

Peering into a crater rim at Volcán Telica. Image credit: Adam Baker (flickr)

Stay at a Nicaragua Mountain Resort

If you’re traveling to Nicaragua for its volcano hikes and spectacular lookouts, consider staying at a Nicaragua mountain resort like Pacaya Lodge & Spa. Staying at a resort close to volcanoes and mountains will give you easier access to hiking routes. The less effort you spend getting to trails means the more energy you will have for the uphill climb.

Pacaya Lodge & Spa is well situated near Nicaragua’s volcano ranges. Telican, Volcan Masaya, and El Hoyo are all within driving distance of Pacaya Lodge & Spa. In fact, Pacaya Lodge & Spa organizes its own Volcan Masaya sunset excursion that you can join. The evening tour includes a ride to Volcan Masaya National Park, a guided tour of the park’s museum and interpretation center where you’ll learn about the volcano’s history, mythology, and wildlife, and of course the hike up the volcano side.

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