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Nicaragua is a Paradise


Little known to mainstream travelers, Nicaragua is a peaceful and beautiful destination with cultural treasures and natural wonders unspoiled by crowds or overdevelopment. Popular with surfers and backpackers for its good value and laid-back vibe, this country has amped up its offerings for luxury travelers who are looking for off-the-beaten-path experiences at a resort in Nicaragua that includes adventure, culture, relaxation and gourmet fare.

International travelers traveling by air fly into the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport, which is located in Managua, Nicaragua’s capital city since 1852. Rebuilt slowly after the devastating 1972 earthquake, Nicaragua’s largest city is a chaotic tangle, but it offers key sites including Old-World style parks and the National Palace of Culture. The city also boasts the Huellas de Acahualinca, a historical site featuring a set of footprints from a group of men, women and children said to be more than 6,000 years old, the oldest human footprints on the American continent. Visitors to the small museum also can see preserved mammoth footprints and exhibits of pre-Columbian artifacts that were found onsite. 

You will have no problem finding a resort in Nicaragua that is perfect for you! Read on to learn about the villages and cities near Pacaya Lodge & Spa. The colonial city of Granada, founded by the Spanish in 1524 on the shore of Lake Nicaragua, is Nicaragua’s most visited destination and the oldest European city in North America. An evening stroll through the city that was Nicaragua’s first capital reveals breathtaking colonial architecture and a thriving nightlife due to Granada’s excellent restaurants, bars and clubs. Make a point of visiting Casa de los Tres Mundos, founded in 1529, a busy cultural center offering performances, art exhibitions and classes.

Ometepe is an island in Lake Nicaragua that was designated an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2010. Approximately 4.5 hours from Granada by ferry, the island is composed of two volcanos joined by a narrow isthmus. Rich in local culture and history including a wealth of pre-Columbian artifacts, petroglyphs, and stone idols, the island also is a center of sustainable farming with many hotels and restaurants serving their own fresh fruits and vegetables.

North of Managua is Nicaragua’s second largest city, León. Rivaling Granada with a spectacular offering of colonial architecture and the Ruins of León Viejo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the city is an growing industrial and commercial hub and Nicaragua’s intellectual center with its large student population.

Southeast of Managua, Masaya is Nicaragua’s third most populous city and the center of the country’s handicrafts region. Its well-known central market offers extensive unique Nicaraguan products as well as fresh produce, meat, clothing, hardware and household essentials.

Nicaragua’s Pueblos Blancos include Catarina, where Pacaya Lodge & Spa is located, as well as Nindiri, San Juan de Oriente, San Marcos, Niquinohomo, Masatepe, Diria and Diriomo. These scenic whitewashed villages or towns are artisan centers with each village having its own specialty. Travelers can visit a traditional handicrafts workshop that produces handmade furniture, hammocks, leather work, ceramics or stone carving and enjoy a taste of local fare including sweets and locally grown coffee.

Coastal San Juan del Sur is 87 miles south of Managua and a hub for travelers looking for a Pacific beach vacation that includes great restaurants and nightlife.

We’re not the only ones that love Nicaragua!  Some of the most trusted names in travel have featured Pacaya Lodge & Spa are their go-to resort in Nicaragua. Book your stay today!

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