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Pacaya Lodge & Spa in the News

Story Ideas for Media

“A Lodge with a Social Mission”

More than a luxury resort, Pacaya Lodge and Spa is dedicated to giving back. Pacaya Lodge’s social-impact model aims to address important issues such as: alleviation of poverty, education, supporting communities and job creation. In doing so, the lodge is also a training ground for Nicaraguan youth who are learning about the budding hospitality industry. Students from Emprendedora, an entrepreneurial high school located near-by, engage in hands-on internships that build skills in management, marketing, maintenance, finance, and food service. 

“Your Next Romantic Destination: Pacaya Lodge & Spa”

Looking for a romantic getaway? From detoxifying couples massages to open-air fine dining, Pacaya Lodge & Spa is the ideal resort for you and your loved one. 

“Nature in Nicaragua”

Perfectly situated within Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve, Pacaya Lodge and Spa offers a great opportunity to explore surrounding wildlife and spectacular hikes routes. From sighting howler monkeys in the thick of the jungle canopy to trekking up the side of an active volcano, there’s a lot to experience around the lodge. 

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