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San Jacinto Day

Hacienda San Jacinto

Hacienda San Jacinto, site of the Battle of San Jacinto. Image credit: Jorge Mejía Peralta (flickr)

On September 14th, Nicaragua celebrates the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto. A public holiday, San Jacinto day commemorates the defeat of invading American filibusters under the leadership of William Walker.

For a bit of history, Walker and his filibusters–or rogue soldiers aiming to instigate insurrections– arrived on the coast of Nicaragua in 1855. Walker proclaimed himself as president, but eventually surrendered in 1857. A big turning point that led to Walker’s demise was the Battle of San Jacinto.

The battle took place on September 14, 1856 at Hacienda San Jacinto, Managua. The filibusters were defeated by Nicaraguan fighters after four hours of combat in the early morning. The win over Walker also symbolized a victory over Western arrogance and control, and this spirit of independence continues to be celebrated on San Jancinto Day today.

On San Jacinto Day, documentaries, exhibitions and presentations about the historic battle and events leading up to it are presented to Nicaraguan citizens. Early in the morning, the Nicaraguan flag is hung outside all windows, with the act traditionally led by the President of the Republic. There are also lively parades throughout the streets.

If you happen to be in Nicaragua on San Jacinto Day, consider taking a trip to the site of the battle. At Hacienda San Jacinto, visitors can enjoy museum exhibits in the beautifully preserved hacienda and stroll through the many monuments on the property. For more information about things to do at Hacienda San Jacinto and San Jacinto Day, Hacienda San Jacínto – Preserving Nicaragua’s History is worth the read.

Well, there’s your tid-bit of Nicaraguan history and culture! We hope you’ll want to learn more about this country and come see it for yourself!